Cocktails at Boaters Enclosure

Drinks List for Henley Regatta 2019 Announced

At Henley Regatta Hospitality UK we’re proud to announce the featured cocktails on our Boaters Enclosure!

Take a quick glimpse into what our guests will experience at the exclusive facility with this guide to the expertly made cocktails at Boaters Enclosure, Henley Regatta.

Boaters Enclosure Henley drinks

First on our Boaters Enclosure drinks list is the Cosmopolitan

Known as the ‘Cosmo,’ this hugely popular cocktail first appeared in the north of the United States later in the 20th Century – but there are a few conflicting tales about who was really the first to make it.

Expertly made with Cointreau triple sec, quality vodka, a little dash of fresh lime, and shaken with a good measure of cranberry juice.  The Cosmopolitan is mixed to perfection by our expert cocktail barmen and double strained into a cocktail glass ensure the smoothest drink.  Presented with orange zest.


The ever-popular Long Island Iced Tea also makes the cocktail list.  It’s a delicious, but somewhat adventurous, blend of many drinks into one sweet-but-sophisticated cocktail.

It’s notorious for combing a more than its fair share of spirits.  Packed into one drink is gin, vodka, Cointreau triple sec, rum, tequila, and a healthy amount of lime. The Long Island Ice Tea is finished off with sparkling cola, shaken and presented in a tall rocks glass.


One of our favourite drinks list cocktails is Fruit Fusion.  We added it to the drinks menu for those who like something sweet and refreshing.

This cocktail vibrantly combines Chambord raspberry liqueur with four fruit juices – apple, orange, cranberry, pineapple.  It’s presented to our hospitality guests at Henley Regatta in on rocks in a tall glass.


We also see Passion Fruit Amaretto Sours making a return to the Boaters Enclosure.

The light, and distinctly fruity cocktail is a favourite for a hot British summers’ afternoon.  The Mediterranean Italian origins of Amaretto mixed with tropical fruit juice, the drink is made to you ensure you stay cool while enjoying the summer sun at Henley.

This Amaretto and passion fruit cocktail beautifully shakes together Amaretto, fresh lemon juice, pineapple and passion fruit syrup.  Our highly-trained bar staff serve and mixed this delicious cocktail to perfection and present it on the rocks.


Another favourite on the drinks list for Henley is Pink Gin Fizz.  It’s simple, delicious, pink and fizzy – what’s not to like about that?

The cocktail has been around since the 1850s, but has recently seen a resurgence and has become a hugely popular staple cocktail at summer events.  The light cocktail is a mixture of Chambord raspberry liqueur, pink gin, and soda.  You’ll see it presented on the rocks for freshness.


The Boaters Enclosure is a premium VIP facility at Henley Regatta, offering the very best of corporate hospitality.  Whatever the occasion, the Boaters Enclosure is certain to impress clients and entertain your important guests.

If you’re looking for the best options for you, speak to our hospitality team today: 020 7989 6500

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