henley royal regatta dress codes

Henley Regatta Dress Code – Henley Royal Regatta Enclosures

Henley Royal Regatta is as known for its sophisticated atmosphere as it is the rowing championships.  Unsurprisingly, the dress code is well renowned, and often seen as being confusing – this handy guide will give you the run down on Henley Regatta dress codes.

Each enclosure has a different dress code, with different rules and different levels of enforcement.  Some are more lenient with their enclosure dress codes and will let you in if the rules are bent a little bit.

At each of our Henley Regatta enclosures – Fawley Meadows, Riverside, Boaters, and Temple Island – there is no set dress code.  Smart-casual meets dress-to-impress: wear suitable shoes, avoid shorts and dress up.

Remember, if you’re unsure, it’s always best to ask or play it on the safe side – the right to refuse admission is reserved if you’re dressed down.


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