Henley Regatta Hospitality - Boaters Enclosure Corporate Packages

Savour this year’s Summer Season Highlight in the Boaters Enclosure

Held on the banks of the River Thames since 1839, the Henley Royal Regatta has become renowned for combining a stunning sporting spectacle with a beautiful social setting, perfect for entertaining the most valued clients and guests.

Featuring over 200 races of International standard, it consistently attracts some of the world’s finest rowers, with more than 500 crews coming to showcase their impressive sporting prowess.

But the sinew-straining action of this rigorous rowing event merely belies the fact that it provides a backdrop for a marvellous social occasion tiered with style and sophistication.

Fabulous attire, fine food and exquisite Champagne are the hallmarks of this splendid summer event, all of which can be enjoyed within the luxury confines of the venue’s hospitality facilities.

The Boaters Enclosure is certainly one to look out for. Renowned for its wonderful air of exclusivity, it boasts stunning views of Temple Island and the starting line. This, coupled with a splendid atmosphere and ambiance makes this facility the idyllic setting for entertaining major corporate clients.

The Boaters package includes a Champagne reception, four-course luncheon, afternoon tea and a complimentary bar to name a few.

Treat yourself and guests this year with a memorable trip to the Henley Regatta.


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